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Timée by artist Guillaume Marmin and musician Philippe Gordiani is an installation that re-imagines the universe as a sonic solar system. It was inspired by the ancient theory of the Music of the Spheres, which combined geometry, astronomy, and music into a single unified theory of the universe.

About the project:

Guillaume and Philippe discussed their vision with Isabelle Vauglin, astronomer at the CRAL. Even though Plato’s concept has been proven wrong for centuries, this idea still supplies us with a poetic reading of the cosmos. Although we know today that there is no matter in space to convey sound, we can nonetheless find bridges between astronomy and music. Astrophysicists study the frequencies of planets to keep track of their evolution and if one translates these frequencies up by 15 octaves they become perceptible to human ears. A computer or a theremin can now enable us to listen to the sound of a planet: a new Music of the Spheres.

You can see more of the installation in this video:

Timée from Ecran Total on Vimeo.


Frank Hallam Day - Ship Hulls (published 2011)

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The monuments we build today are going to shift and change — just like we do. What I like about the Mandela sculpture (and what makes me uneasy about the World Trade Center pools), is that [South African artist Marco] Cianfanelli knows that we’re changelings, so his monument keeps asking us to shift position, to adjust, to rethink. The trip from jail to freedom (and back) is a provocative subject; it will keep people thinking for a long, long time.

A Giant Appears At The Edge Of An African Roadway

Photo credit: Courtesy of Marco Cianfanelli

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Jeffry’s House. Emily Mannion &  Thomas O’Brien. Irish Architecture Foundation competition. Donegal. Ireland. source : dezeen. photos (c) Carla Killeen, Emily Mannion &  Thomas O’Brien

The project is based on a narrative created by the designers around the invented character of Jeffry – a young boy who represents “the lost child in all of us, the version of ourselves that we left behind to become adults.” The folly symbolises a magical place Jeffry might have played in as a boy. ( dezeen )


"1+1" is project about people, so different and unique, but being a part of one whole.


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~   Buckminster Fuller


Moonphases 2013

Phases of the Moon, shot with a 20 cm refractor, from Polaris Observatory, Budapest.

photo, caption, and description: Csabi Kalotas

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untitled drawing experiment 2014
(a drawing made by the touch of others)
kevin townsend

72 pages (11” x 17”) were each buffed  for 1 hour with graphite and bare hands, folded and stacked. (as seen here)

18 participants are given white cotton gloves and are allowed to touch, handle and engage the pages in any way they desire with the instruction that they are to return the pages to the stack and pile the gloves on the floor when they are done.

The resulting drawing is made on the gloves and is a record of the participants’ touch

The stacked pages are bundled (as they were left) with cotton twine 


Marco Cadioli - Squares with Concentric Circles



Woman doing a one handed cartwheel (1937/38) by Dr. Bohumil Kröhn.

this photo was brilliantly used in juxtaposition with an image of a calla flower on early “cocteau twins” records and artwork.
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Lemon Incest, 2009

pierced paint can, yellow paint, balloon, concrete lemons, needle, rope, dimensions variable

~   Dalai Lama  (via wild-moon-child)

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Opaque  by  andbamnan